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Isn't Daozu the most powerful existence in the universe? Black smoke billows and disappears in the corridor of the underground palace in an instant. Then the corners of his mouth slowly curved. "Bastard, dare to make trouble in the holy city, do not know whether to die or not, take them down!" He Guanchang see good words to say, they are not willing to sign, but also can not help some cruel w After seeing Kaman's appearance, the guard's heart was also cluttered for a moment, and then Above the freezer, where the giant ray struck, there were countless cracks, which spread rapidly. The scene of this battle is extremely terrible. It is totally two demons destroying the world. The Navy's warship construction is undoubtedly the most expensive. Duan Yu said: "it's really incredible. There are so many martial arts skills in the world. How c Seeing the needle rain covering the sky and the earth, Xinming quickly flashed. But it will definitely have a significant impact on the company. He suddenly realized that the Buddhist and demon realms may have deduced Daozu land much higher than However, Han Fei coughed lightly. Her face was not very natural, and she turned away her eyes. The woman in white obviously only had Xiang Hongmiao in her eyes. She didn't even look at the re Servini's face turned a little ugly. All of a sudden, all of them clapped together. Hundreds of thousands of monks gathered here, cheered Once crazy fans rush in, Li Tang will be seriously injured.

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