Look around, there are heads everywhere! "There is a great opportunity in front of us. If we don't take a look at it, will we suffer? In "Ha ha ha, I touch is a hooligan, you wind brother touch, why did not see you said rogue." From far to near, the bull came straight. The powerful force in his body made the faces of many Wu p Because that's what they calculated from the beginning. "Ha ha, my Lord, I bought it in the nearby computer city. It's absolutely high-performance and a The quota of martial arts college is one month. Now that the time is coming, we can't delay it a The thunder ball suddenly burst out thousands of thunder, showing hundreds of different colors, shoo Around the lotus constantly appear, difficult with Chi Wu Xiu powerful momentum confrontation. Hu Hao pointed to the documents behind the commander. The sky will not be a white pie, the spirit of heaven war Pavilion will give themselves such a heavy Even the right Prime Minister Zhong Shu calendar will be the same. Moreover, Lin Zihao believed that in this war, the army of the Chinese Empire would not fail! However, Tang Zheng was somewhat embarrassed, not that he had no feelings for Zheng Ying. Is it easier to get the enemy to help than the gods in your own group? "Tut Tut, this girl is really excellent. I dare say that she has a good match with our king, Queen a With the rising sun, thousands of people have gathered in the square in front of the main peak Hall Take off the headgear and the Cape behind you.

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